Monday, February 27, 2006

crafty closure

Okay, so today is my last day in the states for quite a while. Don't you think that is a good time to dig through your garage and find a random project to complete?

Introducing Rosa.

I dig paper mache (sp?) projects, and sometime right after we moved to Indiana (Fall of 2000), I somehow became inspired to create Rosa. I had several thoughts along the way on how she would evolve; at one point, she thought about being a vampire or zombie even. Now she is just a body-less socialite who still thinks a fur collar is okay to wear... Oh Rosa.

I actually went into the garage to dig out some shoes. There was Rosa, peaking out of a pile of other random 'stuff'. I also noticed nearby were a couple of wrapping paper rolls that I used to start decorating her with way back when. I figured she at least deserved a complete head of hair. Although I know it is controversial, I even helped complete her fur collar.

Now that she is as complete as a stand-alone head can be, she told me that she does NOT want to travel to New Zealand. Guess it is time to move on. I am therefore sending her to a friend in blogland who I think might enjoy Rosa's banter better than I do.

Oh, to have a psychotic break right before packing.....

Sunday, February 26, 2006

SIT for a spell...

I can't believe that I only have two days left with my family before flying around the world and to the southern hemisphere! This is a picture of SIT (Southern Institute of Technology) in Invercargill, where I will be teaching.

This week has been psychotic in dealing with last second details related to my work visa (which was approved and arrived Thursday!) and finishing up my last days at my current job. My co-workers through me a huge bash last Saturday night (I think I've recovered...) and we had a big party at work yesterday afternoon for staff and clients. Walking out of a job that I've put so much of my heart into for five and a half years was a very emotional experience. It was neat to see little bits of me almost everywhere I looked in the program. As much as my job stressed me out at times, I will greatly miss it and all of the great people I worked with. Hopefully some will stay in touch!

Well, back to my checklist of what to fly over and take time for a few extra deep breaths.

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Hi Hillary.

Okay, so I can't help myself when I come across some sort of poll/quiz linked from someone else's blog. Today, I had to see where I was politically (as if I didn't know). I took the OkCupid Politics Test, and ended up with my thumbtack right on Hillary's face At least I'm close to Ghandi (although it would be cool to be Darth Vader too, right?...). Apparently, I'm a socialist. Hmmm... I guess my dreams of anarchy are shot...

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

charge it to my visa

Interesting fact: Growing tulips in New Zealand is a specialized gift brought by Dutch migrants back in the 50's. Now the kiwis export millions of tulip bulbs back to the Netherlands and around the world. This picture is of a commercial tulip farm outside of Invercargill (the city we are moving to).

I've been in semi-crisis mode as it didn't seem like I could possibly get my visa in time to start work. Much of this is due to my ignorance of the ENTIRE process. I kind of fell into this job, unlike many US migrants who researched and prepared for years before finding a job in NZ. Regardless, we're working it all out, and it looks like with a lot of work in a short amount of time, everything should fall into place.

Now, where to start with cleaning out my office at work????...

Monday, February 06, 2006

the hook in my head

Okay, so this picture has nothing to do with anything outside of my immense desire to own this knife holder. HOWEVER, I refuse to purchase any more 'stuff' before my international journey. ALTHOUGH, can I really live without this???....

As preoccupied as I am with moving around the world and such, I often flip to my preoccupation with crochet ideas. Not many of these ideas are coming to life right now as I am actively downsizing my stash and trying to finish up WIPs (remember Elise's poncho?...). I take my daydreaming of future creations as a good sign though... gives me hope that I will continue to practice, improve, and create.

Anyway, thought I would post for the sake of posting today. I HOPE to finish the poncho this afternoon. I'll post pics as soon as it is completed!