Sunday, November 13, 2005


I still haven't cleaned up from my candle party a few weeks ago. The joys of denial are great when you have an out-building...

I've been swamped with work schtuff. Big project almost finished! Also had my maw-in-law visiting for two weeks. Damn, I need a vacation!!!!

I've only done a little bit of hobbies here and there, but I'm finally close to completion with Elise's poncho. Jenny has already informed me that she will end up with it (which is fine). Jenny is also crushing on my felt bag which inspires me to attach the handles and get done with it.

Hopefully I will start posting more here again this week with pictures of all of my messes.

Oh yeah, I went to a quilt show yesterday and now have a new project that I want to try out...

Now, my priority projects are:
  1. Finish the wool poncho
  2. Clean up my candle mess
  3. add handles to my felt bag
  4. Make a psycho doll out of some great fabric I found
  5. Neck-tie tapestry (that's all I can say about that right now...)
  6. A couple more christmas stockings would be nice too...
  7. Felt scarf class coming up soon...

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Here's a picture of Andy right before our trick-or-treating adventure. Mason and Mimi dressed up, but were too tired and grouchy to go with us (I'll try to get some pictures of them up later...).

I hosted a candle-making party with some friends last Friday. I'll try to post some pics of the candles (and the MESS) tomorrow. My advice... don't mix alcohol and hot wax (except in very specific circumstances and even then, in moderation...) ;)