Monday, December 26, 2005

Happy Holidays!

Wishing EVERYONE a happy holiday!

This past week has been EXHAUSTING with several doctor visits and tests for my baby boy. However, looks like he's going to be okay. Apparently, he has some sort of mild epilepsy that will be controlled with meds. He's started the medication without problems and we are able to go to Florida for our annual pilgramage to see family!

Today was especially exciting, because it was the first Christmas that we've all shared the same last name. I think this was especially meaningful for my oldest son who has always questioned the whole 'permanency' thing. Of course, Mimi was only 2 days old when she came to live with us, so she doesn't really know any better.

Santa is freakin' crazy. He kept my wife and me up way too late. Guess we will postpone our departure another day. Hopefully the kids will crash at some point so we can get some rest!

I know I've been lame on this blog recently, but I have lots of art and craft projects lined up for the new year!!! I'm definitely making a resolution of at least a weekly post when I get back (I actually do more arts/crafts stuff than I give myself credit for...).

Wishing you and yours an amazing holiday!!!!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Time flies. As usual, I'm impulsively skipping around from one thing to another. Now it is my poor hobby blog that is neglected. My therapist thinks I have adult ADD, now I also wonder...

I'm still on the verge of completing Elise's poncho, and just need to bite the bullet to finish. It is certainly cold enough to wear now!

Most of my crafty energies have been focused on my craft group at work. Recently made some kick-ass duct-tape wallets and some very sad snow-globes. Want to try to re-work the snow-globes so that they actually work...

No new crochet to photograph. I still haven't even gotten all of the candles out of my garage!

My new vow is to stop making vows related to arts and crafts.... Oh well. Tis the season to get lost in craziness!!!!