Thursday, February 21, 2008

Flat Casey Blog

Canby's creative juices have been flowing recently! She has made a blog for "Flat Casey" who came to us via USPS from a friend's son in Tallahassee, FL to visit Indiana and report back tot he class. Check out Flat Casey's blog. It's super cute!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Some recent pics

Mimi's new 'do

Don't know about the extra ponytail though...
Same trail that Andy and I walked on xmas eve

Leader of the pack

Looks tasty...

How did I become the mule?

Beaver falls
It's easy for Mason to smile...

Dinner time antics

At McCormick's Creek State Park with "Flat Casey" visiting from Tallahassee, FL
This is the "creek" that is a little swollen right now

Sunday, February 10, 2008

christmas eve with andy

A chilly picnic on christmas eve in Yellowwood Forest

We called these "sapsickles" aka "snotsickles"

Happy times
Andy thought this looked like a hippo in the water. What do you think?
Dad, can we please move? I'm FREEZING!

Into the woods
This is what its all about...
More frozen sap

Shot from our "Rock hunting contest"
Andy and I share a love for cool fungi
Dam beavers! :)

Old local cemetary

Andy thought these cypress knees also looked like tombstones
We left small rock formations in strategic spots for a "Blair Witch" effect

Might be cold, but we loved the blue skies!!!