Monday, December 18, 2006


I almost forgot... if you want to see some recent family playground pics, go here. Cheers

Mirror, mirror (mirror, mirror, mirror, etc.) on the wall...

Okay, so we've lived in New Zealand less than a year, but that is PLENTY of time for us to start accumulating more crap (and when I say crap, I mean cool crap, good stuff...crap in the nicest sense...). My favorite (or favourite, even), well, new acquisitions, are kiwiana mirrors. They are right up our kitchy alley.
Our D. Cyzon original smoking mannequin head. The *only* person allowed to smoke in our house!!! The picture doesn't do her justice, but take my word when I tell you that she is ubercool! GREAT work Diana!!!!

Well, not sure if I will post anymore anytime soon, as we are leaving the day after christmas on a loooong road trip around the South Island! Hope to be back the end of January with some great pictures from vacation!

Happy Yule, Christmas, Channukah, etc. everyone!!!!

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Sin Kitty

Here's my first attempt at amigurumi - my own design. Probably aboutg 2.5" tall.(?) Named for his tell-tale tail... Kinda cutsie, but I'm damn proud.