Monday, November 27, 2006


Pictures from flickr... my new inspiration. Working on two projects right now (and ordered a japanese book off of ebay...). Should be interesting. Some results photos to be posted within a couple of days... Had to brush the dust off of the hooks, but they are still in fine order. More soon...

Monday, November 06, 2006

Backyard tea party

Not to worry... treats to be shared by all. Mimi and Mason were quite patient, I must say.

Andy enjoyed it too, even though he might not admit it (you do what you gotta do to get the treats...)

There were other distractions in between bites

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Good weather, good times

I've taken the liberty to borrow the above pictures, although I must say, I could have taken pictures like this, as this is exactly like the scenery witnessed in the past couple of days. Fact is, we've become lazy with the cameras, as we've started taking the amazing landscape for granted.(!) However, we realize that this journey to New Zealand will come to an end before we know it, and will want more than stolen internet pictures to show for it!!!!

Yesterday, I went up to Gore to visit one of my students on Practicum placement, and decided to go exploring with my wife and kids since we had to do a little traveling anyway. We went to Dolamore Park Scenic Reserve, which is one of those "out of the way", places that you hear about from locals. What a GREAT park. We want to go back some time when we can stay after sunset to see the glowworms.

Went to Riverton (guess I could repost some pictures from my linked blog...) with the family this morning and picnicked at Moore's reserve and went tramping in the bush. Mason and Mimi (ages two and three) did brilliantly on the walk, as did our 8 year old, Andy. The weather was nice and CLEAR and WARM which is a nice change from the recent trends. Although I have heard that there is an iceburg on a collision course with the southern coast....

The bottom picture is of a Tui bird. They sound a bit like R2D2 from StarWars. We heard quite a few tuis and bellbirds out and about. They really add a mystical element to the already amazing atmostphere. Still waiting to see a hobbit out in the wild...