Monday, December 16, 2013

I was just wasting time on enjoying Pinterest, when I saw some crochet pins referencing Crafty Andy, and from there I linked to Lady Linoleum and remembered my own old craft-slash-random blog that I left hanging out here in the interweb universe.  I've been desperately wanting to reconnect more deeply with my inner creative monster, and have not done a great job of it, despite making it a 2013 resolution and creating a FB group around the whole idea.

Now, I often get excited about new blogs, only to let them die a slow and painful death.  I doubt anyone is still even following this blog, and that doesn't really matter.  I want to start blogging again.  I want to start creating again.  I miss my crafty friends "out there" that I never met in person, but who inspired me and lifted my spirits during some darker times.  SO, we will see how this goes.  I just bought supplies for a small-scale project that I will be starting tomorrow.  Let's start with that...


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